Richmond Interiors has been making great progress in furniture land for years. Today they are known for our varied & attractive collections and they travel around the world to continuously find new inspiration.

The Story Behind it’

how it all started

from Spieghel to Richmond Interiors

Richmond’s versatile, modern collections may not be easy to associate with antiques. Yet that is where our roots lie. Almost 45 years ago, we started purchasing and selling antique furniture under the name Spieghel Trading Company. They mainly imported these from England and France. Their first stores in Bussum, Bergen and Purmerend were so successful that they were able to open five new locations a few years later. We started thinking bigger and buying more and more. For example, we also included rattan furniture from Indonesia in our growing range. Before we knew it, we served as wholesalers for numerous stores.

Simple, there is no disputing taste!
And that’s a good thing, if it looked the same everywhere it would be boring too! You can really get inspiration anywhere; look around when you are on your way to work, be surprised by the latest fashion in the magazine at the hairdresser and be embraced by the warm decor of your favorite eatery.


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