Since 1983, our talented designers and artisans have created beautiful,original tableware, furniture, home and garden accessories and more,that add joy and grace to homes great and small throughout the world


MacKenzie-Childs was born of our love of home and our commitment to fresh, innovative design.Founded in 1983, our humble beginnings started in the basement of Wallcourt Hall, a building built in 1909 as a dormitory for an all-girls prep school. Several years later, we moved to our present-day headquarters just up the road.



On a tranquil Victorian farm overlooking Cayuga Lake, we produce world-renowned home furnishings. Our designers and artisans have created beautiful products that add joy and grace to homes throughout the world. Colorful, handmade ceramics, enamelware, glassware, furniture, and home accessories define our collection.


From plates to planters, teapots to tureens,
MacKenzie-Childs designs are alive with individuality.
Each piece created by our artisans holds the surprise
and joy of the unexpected. Layer upon layer of artistry
applied by hand to every inch of surface is our hallmark.
And it’s what makes every MacKenzie-Childs creation
an original. Each handcrafted piece has a unique
signature of its own and no two pieces are identical;
this is the beauty of our handcrafted ceramics and
home furnishings. In some cases, the contribution is a stage in
the process, as in ceramics. In others, the application of
decorative surface treatment may be the start-to-finish
responsibility of one artisan.

“That’s the thing with handmade
items. They still have the person’s mark
on them, and when you hold them,
you feel less alone.”

Caracole @ Penthouse

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