Say goodnight to sleepless nights and exhausting mornings. We have the secret to a good night’s sleep!


Intercoil International is the Dubai-based, UAE headquartered multinational company which manufactures and distributes Sleep Products to 17 countries in two continents.

Intercoil International is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in Dubai in 1974. The company is a family-owned business, and was founded by the late Mr. Abbas All AI-Hazeem, an entrepreneur with an industrial vision that led to the creation of several world class manufacturing organizations in several countries in the Middle East region.

The managing director of the company is Mr. Hassan Abbas AI-Hazeem, who is passionately committed to transform Intercoil into a Global well-structured professional organization, achieving sustainable growth and continual development.

Over the last ten years, Intercoil has progressed towards that objective, and recorded several milestones evidencing the progress, such as being the first in the industry to achieve the ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 quality management certificates.

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“Healthy Life” is Intercoil’s reason for being, the higher purpose for being in the sleep products business.

Intercoil is committed to focusing its sales, marketing and public relations efforts on promoting healthy sleep, and thus, achieving a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, the company strives to become the main reference and guide for consumers with regards to information on healthy sleep and orthopedic mattresses and beds.

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