The glamorous and luxurious Hollywood lifestyle favorite CG, founded in 2005 by the famous British designer Mr. Christopher Guy Harrison who was initially inspired by the French design, later gone beyond cultural limitations and created some of the most iconic designs in the global furniture industry. Started with decorative mirrors the brand has eventually grew into a collection of all other furniture which are timeless and reflects “an effortless form that is beyond beauty”

UncompromisingSense of Style

In the years since then, a singular vision and uncompromising sense of style, along with an ongoing pursuit for elegance in every piece he designs, have driven Christopher to continually redefine the aesthetics of design. The result is a place at the forefront of the world’s luxury furnishings market.

International Experience

An international lifestyle allows Christopher to view the world through a critically constructive eye that draws inspiration from everything he admires, translating into design elements that form the bedrock of today’s CG vast collection.

Christopher Guy @ Penthouse

Above all else, Christopher’s unique work is characterized by elegance, which forms the DNA of each design and is central to the philosophy of the brand. Penthouse Livings is the retailer of Christopher Guy in Bangladesh. The luxury store is located in Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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