Bloom story began with two German founders Sarah Hättich and Harald Bold spending four years in Indonesia, building the foundations of BLOOM as we know it today.
They personally took responsibility for how the production facility was set up and it is this attention to detail that makes them successful.
It has grown from the initial ten employees into a major employer in the district, with over 220 workers now plying their trade at BLOOM.
Although we have grown into an international company, we like to think we have retained the family atmosphere that makes us and our products unique.
As well manufacturing our own products, we now also do so for several other well-known European brands.

From the very outset, we were convinced that it is possible to produce great furniture and still take responsibility for people and the environment.
BLOOM outdoor furniture not only for quality, attention to detail and reliability, but also for production under fair conditions.
Our materials are natural resource friendly and are all fully recyclable, from which we carefully handcraft products of the upmost quality.
Our customers can enjoy our beautiful furniture with a clear conscience towards man and nature.
Our customers can enjoy our beautiful furniture, safe in the knowledge that it has only a positive influence on humanity and nature.


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